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Lucy and Graham’s Wedding
It was real test of staff when asked to arrange the event and be caterers for the wedding of Lucy and Graham. Lucy, herself a wedding planner at one of Warwickshire’s most prestigious venues, was going to be a fierce critic.

Once we managed to wrestle the clipboard out of her hands, Lucy relaxed and she and Graham had a lovely wedding day.

wedding catering WarwickshireWedding in Warwickshire

Thank you so, so muchfor giving us such a great day! Everyone had a wonderful time. I’ve told many of our friends, Lucy is a 4 star C+B manager and this was a 5 star wedding. Lucy made a beautiful and telling remark as she was looking at the delicious trio of desserts and all around the room with delight, spoon poised, obviously forgetting her position as bride and not manager for the day, she said “Wow, look at all this, I’m so proud of them all, they’ve done everything excellently.” It’s true!!