Wedding Catering Oxfordshire

Harriet and Tom’s Wedding
Four Leaf Clover were chosen to provide catering for Harriet and Tom’s wedding in Whichford, Oxfordshire. We provided the food and bar service for the couple who held their wedding in a marquee in the garden of their family house in Oxfordshire. It was quite a highlight for us to see Sir Tim Rice, a family friend, as lead singer of the band!!

Wedding Catering in Oxfordshire

Wedding Rings

Although it seems an age ago it is only just over two weeks since we celebrated one of the happiest days of my life.

Harry & Tom’s wedding was memorable and I think that everyone who attended agreed it would have been almost impossible to have improved any aspect of the day.  This was due in no small part to the sterling efforts and input of you and your colleagues  –  a mixture of calm, quality and efficiency  –  and we are most grateful for all you did to ensure the success of ‘the big day’.